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Coal rods machine

Brief introduction of Coal rods machine
        Coal rods machine (also called coal rods extruder machine) is the use of the principle of screw extrusion, the modulation good pulverized coal compressed into a predetermined shape of a certain intensity of coal rods molding equipment. Coal briquette screw press machine is widely used in coal, coal, coal gangue, coking coal, lignite, anthracite coal, iron powder, aluminum powder raw materials such as molding. Coal bar briquette machine is used as the coal rods can make full use of pulverized coal, don't need adding lime in the production process, reduce the cost of fuel, and improve the calorific value of coal, has high economic benefit, the other equipment is small in size, do not need to be carbonized drying equipment, do not need to steam, save investment, reduce the area. At the same time as manufacturers use cheap pulverized coal, instead of high coal, thus reducing the production cost, improve the economic benefit, provide reliable guarantee.

Coal rods machine

Features of Coal rods machine
        1. Innovative design and reliable quality. The vane wheel is thickening blades which are made of wearing steel materials, and the lifetime will be 4-5 times higher than the normal.
        2. The Coal briquette screw press machine head and barrel are installed by the way of splicing, which is convenient for changing the vane wheel when we check and fix the machine.
        3. Coal rods extruder machine can make full use of material to reduce fuel cost.
        4. Coal bar briquette machine is convenient for firing and smelting, energy-saving.
        5. Thick internal impeller blade design, impeller and liner using wear-resistant cylinder body made of cast materials, life expectancy increased 4-5 times than ordinary materials.
        6. Charcoal and coal briquettes with high strength and hardness

The molds of Coal rods machine

Coal rods machine

The molds of Coal rods machine

Coal rods machine

The finished products of Coal rods machine

Coal rods machine

Working principle of Coal rods machine
        1. Binder mixer: It is using for mixing up the binder.
        2. Crusher and mixer: It is a machine with the function of crushing and mixing together, crushing the raw material below 5mm, the moisture need controlled between 25%-30%.
        3. Coal bar briquette machine: It presses coal powder, charcoal powder, or other powders into different shapes and size.
        4. Dryer. We have vertical dryer, box dryer and mesh belt dryer. I will suggest suitable dryer according to your raw machine, shape and size.

Coal rods machine

The case

Coal rods machine

Packaging and shipping of the Coal rods machine

Coal rods machine

Customers visit our factory

Coal rods machine

Our certifications

Coal rods machine

Our Services
        1. Accompany you to check the working conditions of our machines.
        2. Inspect the quality of all our machines.
        3. Manufacturer the equipments as the contact appears at first time after receive your deposit. Arrange the delivery timely.

Coal rods machine

About us
        Lantian machinery is a company specializing in the production of coal rods machine of well-known manufacturers, the main products are various types of Coal rods machine, Coal briquette screw press machine Coal rods extruder machine, Coal bar briquette machine hollow coal rod extrusion machine, coal rods forming machine, pressure ball machine, mixer, etc. Our company's product quality and advantages and convenient operation, low price, use efficiency is better than the domestic similar products.

If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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