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Charcoal coal rods machine

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Charcoal coal rods machine

Brief introduction of Charcoal coal rods machine
        Charcoal coal rods machine Charcoal coal rods machine is mainly used to use the screw extrusion principle to process charcoal powder mixed with a certain proportion of liquid binder into different bar shapes and size of briquettes, with certain strength, also you can choose to make the briquettes with or without a hole in the core part. The utilization of this Charcoal coal rods making machine can make full use of the charcoal powder material, you do not need to mix the material with lime, it reduces the cost of fuel, and improves the calorific value of raw material. Charcoal powder is made great without carbonization can be directly to the charcoal powder into various shapes, all kinds of carbon as cylindrical stick, hollow cylindrical bar, silver bar, etc Charcoal screw extruder has high yield, environmental protection free from contamination, finished product effect is good wait for an advantage

Charcoal coal rods machine

Features of Charcoal coal rods machine
       1. It absorbs the advanced technique at home and abroad.
       2. Innovative design and reliable quality.
       3. Key parts are processed by imported high quality materials.
       4. The raw material for the Charcoal briquette extruder machine can only be coal powder or charcoal powder, the machine will have  some difference according your raw material
       5. Charcoal coal rods making machine has many different moulds, we can customize the moulds according your requirement.
       6. The Charcoal screw extruder head and barrel are installed by the way of splicing, which is convenient for changing the vane wheel when we check and fix the machine.

Technical Parameters of Charcoal coal rods machine

Charcoal coal rods machine

The molds of Charcoal coal rods machine

Charcoal coal rods machine

The finished products of Charcoal coal rods machine

Charcoal coal rods machine

Working principle of Charcoal coal rods machine
       It's a device to make the coal powder into different shapes bar or rod shape briquettes. The working process is like the following: the motor transfers the power to the transmission through triangle belt, then the output shaft on the transmission transfers the power to the propeller shaft, finally the propeller on the propeller shaft pushes the coal powder into the mould and out, then the ideal high pressure coal rod is generated. This process is very simple, and it's easy to operate.

Charcoal coal rods machine

The case

Charcoal coal rods machine

Packaging and shipping of the Charcoal coal rods machine

 Charcoal coal rods machine

Customers visit our factory

Charcoal coal rods machine

Our certifications

Charcoal coal rods machine

Our Services
       1. Pre-sale service: provide professional service for customer; enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments.
       2. During the sale service: Respect clients: devote ourselves to improving the total value of clients.
       3. After-sale services: Provide considerate services to minimize clients’ worries.

Charcoal coal rods machine

About us
       Lantian machinery specialized in the production of manufacturing coal rods machine, coal rods machine equipment, high pressure coal rods machine, Charcoal coal rods machine, Charcoal coal rods making machine, Charcoal screw extruder, Charcoal briquette extruder machine, coke forming machine. Over the years, Lantian products enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad, exported to India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Africa, South America, Middle East, southeast Asia more than 30 countries and regions, such as for construction to make its own contribution to the development of these areas.

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