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Automatic packaging machine

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Automatic packaging machine

Brief introduction of Automatic packaging machine
      Automatic packaging machine has good rigidity and stability, modeling elegant appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, equipment foundation engineering investment cost is low. Automatic granule packaging machine is suitable for old packaging recycling waste paper, plastic straw, etc, is to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, reduce transportation cost of good equipment. Package size and pressure size can be customized according to user requirements.

Automatic packaging machine

Main features of the Automatic packaging machine
      1. Automatic stick packing machine of advanced design, reasonable structure, reliable in performance
      2. With the improvement of automation, operation, maintenance and daily maintenance of the Automatic packing machine is more convenient and simple, reducing the professional skills requirements for operators
      3. With low power consumption, cover an area of an area small, dense, high output, mobile convenience, simple operation, safe and reliable, etc
      4. Reduced the transport storage space, deposit greatly reduce transport costs, is large, medium and small farmers or farm the ideal packaging equipment production base. The finished products of Automatic bar packaging machine

Before and after packing

Automatic packaging machine

Our certifications

Automatic packaging machine

Our Services
      (1) Device model choice.
      (2) According to the customer's special requirements, design and manufacture of products.
      (3) Training technical personnel for clients.
      (4) The company sent engineering and technical personnel free field for the user to the user's site planning, optimal design process and scheme.

Automatic packaging machine

About us
      Lantian machinery factory was built in the 1980 s, is a concentration of biomass fuel molding machine, straw coal forming machine, Automatic granule packaging machine, Automatic stick packing machine ��wood grain, straw pellet machine, crusher, wood crusher, biomass of straw boiler, dryers and conveyor design, production in a body's high technology and new technology enterprise. Company has an experienced, skilled after-sales service team, dotted with tracking service throughout the country. We constantly improve themselves in the machinery market, improve product quality and gradually rise to a new stage, we will, as always, this kind of enterprise personality! Company always stick to the "not with quality than price with world level theory" for the purpose of the business.

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