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Cotton stalks briquette machine

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Cotton stalks briquette machine

Description of Cotton stalks briquette machine
        Cotton stalks briquette machine is our company in the absorption of similar products at home and abroad advanced technology and user opinions on the basis of the development and production of new equipment. The Corn straw briquette making machine thoroughly changed the previous ring die machine spindle bearing uneven, the mold to remove the disadvantages of maintenance is not convenient, adopt new compression mode, change the vertical ring structure for horizontal ring mode production, using its own principle of rotating centrifugal force to make raw material evenly to all molding, avoided due to local material concentration phenomenon of boring machine, greatly reduce the energy consumption of the unit. The Cotton stalk briquette press machine for high lignin, compression density larger special innovative design was carried out the characteristics of raw materials, multichannel seal design to eliminate dust into the bearing lubrication parts. Unique mould forming Angle, on the premise of guarantee forming rate 100% discharge smoothly, production efficiency is higher, its excellent performance of the other models don't have more.

Cotton stalks briquette machine

Main parameter of Cotton stalks briquette machine

Cotton stalks briquette machine

Characteristics of Cotton stalks briquette machine
        1. Corn straw briquette making machine successful trial not only avoids the waste straw burning in a large number of fields, protect the environment, but also develops the renewable energy.
        2. This machine is adapted to a wide range of raw materials, such as corn, straw, peanut shell, bean straw, flower crops and other kinds of inflammable waste crop stalks
        3. It has reliable performance, easy to operate and convenient.
        4. Automatic electrical heating device can adjust the dry humidity of material
        5. Cotton stalk briquette press machine in the process of development, give full consideration to the user's advice, on the basis of similar or similar equipment, increase the technological content of the machine and the function
        6. Corn straw briquette making machine is a high degree of automation, high output, low price, less power consumption, simple operation. If no power equipment can be substituted for diesel engine.

Shape and size of final product

Cotton stalks briquette machine

The whole production line of Cotton stalks briquette machine

Cotton stalks briquette machine

The case

Cotton stalks briquette machine

Our customers

Cotton stalks briquette machine


Cotton stalks briquette machine

Our service
        1. Suggest to client suitable models of as customer need.
        2. Introduce machine's structure and features in detail, explain the price component;
        3. Answer client concerned questions.

Company Information
        Lantian machinery factory is a professional engaged in the production of various kinds of Wheat straw briquette machine for the renewable energy equipment manufacturers, is a collection of product research and development design manufacture specialized in the production of straw pellet machine. Our company integrates modern scientific research, production, sales, foreign trade as a whole high-tech companies; The company collected a batch of on behalf of the industry leading level of outstanding scientific research, production, management talent, has created a unity, efficient, strict team.

Cotton stalks briquette machine

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