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Service theory

Our company not only provides users with tablet press machine,coal ball press machine,hydraulic tablet press machine,hydraulic press machine and other mechanical equipment, but also provides users with a series of services.

"Quality as the center of gravity", providing customers with a full range of services!

1. Before customers upgrade, the manufacturer will send engineers and technicians to the user site to plan the site for users and design the best process plan. After purchasing the machine, special after-sales service personnel will be appointed free of charge. They will arrive at the site to guide customers in installation and debugging, and help customers to plan and manage the equipment.

2. In product sales, the interests of customers is our top priority, we service the pursuit of excellence, from pre-sale consultation and enthusiastic service to sales of promotional products, we were asked to the pursuit of excellence. Strong design and development, manufacturing, installation, debugging, maintenance, not return visit regularly, strict quality assurance and after-sales service, each link orchestrated, solve customers a series of troubles.

Service commitment

In sales service:

(1) select the device model;

(2) design and manufacture products according to the special requirements of customers;

(3) train technical personnel for customers.

Sales service:

(1) pre-acceptance of products before delivery;

(2) help customers draft solutions.

After-sales service:

(1) assist the customer to prepare the first construction plan;

(2) installation and debugging of equipment;

(3) on-site training of front-line operators;

(4) periodic inspection of equipment;

(5) take the initiative to solve on-site problems;

(6) provide sound services;


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