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The Brief Description And characteristics Introduction Of Coke powder briquette machine

Posted at: 2018 / 01 / 30 by: Admin views:

            Coke powder briquette machine is a briquette machinery compressed different powder materials, such as coal powder, charcoal powder, iron powder, carbon black powder, coke powder, and other powders into briquettes. The shape can be square, egg, oval, circular shape, column aspects trip, bread shape, Pincushion, etc The aim of the coke powder briquette machine is to reduce dust, control capacity, return to use, improve the transportation characteristics. For the convenience of the customers, our company provides adhesive, combustion-supporting accelerant for free to the user. Coke powder briquette machine is energy saving and easy to transport. Also it increases the use of the waste materials and economical benefits.

Coke powder briquette machine

          The characteristics of coke powder briquette machine:
          1.Coke powder briquette machine can press many different kinds of mineral powder into pillow or oval shape.
          2. For different materials and different production information, our technicians will design the special suitable line for you.
          3. The products have high density, high strength, high hardness.
          4. Coke powder briquette machine is energy conservation and environmental protection.
          5. Coke powder briquette machine is applied to refractory industry, electric power plant
metallurgical industry, chemical industry, the energy industry, transportation industry and heating industry.
         6. The coke powder briquette machine is easy to operate and maintain.

        Gongyi Lantian machinery factory in response to the national call to production of new type coke powder briquette machine,Coke powder briquette machine in the production process is smokeless and tasteless, provide a healthy working environment for workers, produce products of high quality, low price, our customers can request the production of various types of Coke powder briquette machine, to meet all the requirements customer, our plant equipment exported to the United States, India, Bangladesh and other countries, if you need the tCoke powder briquette machine, Gongyi Lantian Machinery Factory is the best choice for you.

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