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The Detailed Description Of A New Type Carbon Black Briquette Machine

Posted at: 2018 / 01 / 27 by: Admin views:

          Gongyi Lantian machinery factory in response to the national call to production of new type carbon black briquette machine, pulverized coal ball press machine in the production process is smokeless and tasteless, provide a healthy working environment for workers, produce products of high quality, low price, our customers can request the production of various types of carbon black briquette machine, to meet all the requirements customer, our plant equipment exported to the United States, India, Bangladesh and other countries, if you need the carbon black briquette machine, Gongyi Lantian Machinery Factory is the best choice for you.

Carbon Black Briquette Machine

          The brief introduction of carbon black briquette machine:The carbon black briquette machine manufactured by our Lantian Mechanical Plant and it’s best selling in world market. Carbon black coal briquette machine is mainly used to press coal powder, charcoal powder, biological powder material into different shapes and size of briquettes. What’s more, the briquettes can be easily and fully burnt due to the holes on the briquettes. This multipurpose Carbon black briquetting machine are widely used to briquette coal, charcoal, wood sawdust, mineral powder, metal powder or other materials to ball, block, solid briquette, hollow briquette ,etc.

         The characteristics of carbon black briquette machine:
         1. The mold shape can be customized according to the requirements of customers.
         2. Carbon black briquette machine has high pressure, reliable quality.
         3. Carbon black briquette machine is energy saving, friendly-environment, Low-consumption.
         4. No chemical additives, no smell, no smoke.
         5. Suitable for many kinds of raw material, with low cost in raw material and high profit with briquettes.
         6. The carbon black coal briquette machine has perfect design, automatic feeding and discharging system.

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