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What are the product features of new hydraulic tablet press machine equipment?

Posted at: 2018 / 05 / 19 by: Admin views:

new hydraulic tablet press machine
Our company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of various molding equipment. Products are mainly divided into mechanical pressure and hydraulic molding machines. Among them, new hydraulic tablet press machine is a star product of ours and has a wide range of users in the international market. So how does our equipment enjoy a reputation in the international market, mainly depends on the good quality and characteristics of our equipment.
 new hydraulic tablet press machine
First,  hydraulic tablet press machine fully digested and absorbed the foreign powder molding technology design, the first domestic manufacturing.
Second, when the New hydraulic tablet press machine presses the blank, the die does not move, and the punch is pressed at the same time by the upper and lower punches, so that the molding density is uniform.
Third, in the course of operation, can adjust the amount of filler and pressure.
Fourth, the mold is easy to handle.
Fifth, the speed of the molded blank can be adjusted steplessly.
Sixth, the machine manufacture precision is high, the forming blank has a good consistency in size and weight.
Seventh, all mechanical movements are realized by mechanical transmission, and the working reliability is good.
Eight, according to customer requirements, can increase other functions (such as ensuring stable feeding mandrel vibration function).
 new hydraulic tablet press machine
Hydraulic tablet press machine scope of application: The scope of application is very wide, and it can meet the production and molding of a variety of mineral raw materials. The pressing, pressing and pressing balls can all be satisfied. It is just a matter of replacing the mold.
new hydraulic tablet press machine

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