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What is the Ball press machine?

Ball press machine, advanced technology, reliable quality and multi-usage, strong pressure, suitable for large, medium and small enterprises set up with a certain scale of production of the production line .Applicable to industrial gasification, the focus of boiler type, cold type, type ignition of coal, civilian coal, metallurgy, refractory material, medicine etc various molding material. Our Ball press machine compared with other similar products, our machine with high successful rate, small consumption, compact structure, convenient maintenance and debugging and so on obvious advantages.

Ball press machine is mainly used for pressing hard to molding powder material, its characteristic is the molding pressure, main engine RPM adjustable, with a spiral feeding device.

Lantian Ball press machine comparing easy material, such as coke powder, iron oxide, in addition to the dust, coal slurry, all kinds of powder metallurgy and sponge iron carbon products such as material effect is obvious

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