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ABOUT After-sale Service

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After-sale Service

[Service Characteristics]

1.After you were purchased Lantian brand machine, our staff will bring high-quality and considerate service to you, our staff will record all of customers information, and remind the customer for maintenance according to the specified time, and understand the usage of the equipment and ensure the customer experience.

2.When machines are ready to packaging or shipping, Lantian technicians will make a second inspection of machines one by one, conduct all-round debugging until they are satisfied, and make a written registration of all kinds of accessories and small pieces one by one, which is correct and comprehensive, and to the paint part of its appearance. Fill in the shipping list in detail to avoid omitting errors.

3.Customers should choose the professional technical personnel in the process of using the machine, who can not only lead the production, but also maintain and repair the equipment, so that the equipment is always in good condition in the normal production.


[Foreign Service]

Lantian Technical Team can customize drawings, business trip installation according to customer's needs and so on. Foreign customers should be careful about the maintenance and understanding of the equipment. In addition to providing detailed optical disc services, the factory tries to optimize the vulnerable parts of the equipment and prepare spare parts to meet the needs of users for long-term continuous work. Solve the worries of foreign users.


[Technical support]

The company provides thoughtful and fast technical services to support and guarantee your benefits.

1.On-site training users to operate equipment skillfully and impart relevant technical formulas;

2.Carefully explain the daily maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment;

3.Follow-up visits to new and old users from time to time to solve problems for users;

4.Accept customers' suggestions for improvement modestly, and provide products and services to meet users' needs according to market changes, so as to create value for users.

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