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Sawdust Extruder

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Sawdust Extruder

Product overview

Our company has produced sawdust extruder, our sawdust extruder machine have high quality and sawdust extruder machine for sale to overseas are received widely praised.

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Sawdust Extruder

Sawdust Extruder

More and more industrial manufactures attach importance to environmental problems, in order to reuse limited resources, we have produced a series of biomass briquetting machines, one of them is our sawdust extruder, our sawdust extruder machine can extrude sawdust into wood rods for subsequent carbonization or combustion industrial purposes.

Machines description

Sawdust Extruder
Our sawdust extruder machine is mainly consist of feeding port, pressing die and outlet, machines body and all parts are made of high quality metal materials, to ensure machines quality and stable performance, our sawdust extruder is suitable for a variety of biomass raw materials, such as straw and bagasse, the crushed raw materials powder are extruded into rod, finished products are have high density and high hardness.

Working principle

Sawdust Extruder
Our sawdust extruder machine for sale to overseas is with excellence performance and simple operation. Before machines working, wood need crush by wood crusher machine and then drying by sawdust dryer machine, after pretreatment, materials will transfer to feeding port, and then materials forced to extrude at high temperature in the sawdust extruder machine, dies can be replaced or customized according to customers' needs.


Parameter of Sawdust Extruder

Machines features or details

Details of Sawdust Extruder

Mould of Sawdust Extruder Machine
1. The shape of the die can be changed, and the diameter range of the die is 50-80 mm.
2. Our sawdust extruder machine for sale to overseas are environmental protection and energy saving.
3. The working performance is stable, and the biomass extruder can work steadily at a fixed temperature.

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Finished product display

Finished Products of Sawdust Extruder Machine

Product line

Sawdust Crusher Machine
1.Biomass materials need crushed by our sawdust crusher machine, 
Sawdust Dryer Machine
2.Crushed sawdust need drying excess water, our sawdust rotary drum dryer can drying them with high quality and keep materials clean,
Sawdust Extruder Machine
3.Our sawdust extruder can extrude dried sawdust with high density and high strength,
Sawdust Rod Carbonization Furnace
4.Extruded sawdust rod can carbonized by sawdust rod carbonization furnace, the finally products can burn as charcoal.

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